Be The Poll — Somber or Happy?

This is a critical question of national/international importance.

Which photo should be used with my Gazette column? Somber or Happy?

The somber photo is what currently runs with my column. I’m thinking of making a switch. Your input could tip the balance.



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8 responses to “Be The Poll — Somber or Happy?

  1. Bret

    If you saw the Jan. 22 ’30 Rock,’ you saw boss Jack show two photos to Liz Lemon. They were virtually identical, nonsmiling, but with two diff colored ties. Liz picks one.
    “Oh, the wacky one,” Jack responds.

    Neither of these appears to be wacky.

  2. Jon

    You need one where you’re winking, the “I know something you don’t” look.

  3. Tom

    So you’re asking which goofy picture of you we like better?

    Reminds me of most elections.

  4. Tricia

    I vote for happy face. Serious face looks too much like your picture on your blog banner (the “I just got hectored by a reader about today’s column while I’m trying to buy the wife tampons in the middle of the night” face)

  5. MV

    The current pic definitely makes you look a bit on the crotchety side; the shape of your goatee adds a sort of frown effect. The smile makes you look more open-minded and approachable, which ironically would make a reader like me actually take you more seriously than the Mr. Dour Frownystache pic would.

  6. Farmfan

    Can’t you use the stuffy one for when you’re taking county officials to task or some other suitable task, and the goofy one for when you’re doing something lighthearted?

  7. Gary Ellis


    Use a picture of you looking adoringly upon a picture of President Obama. That would fit with the media’s demeanor.

  8. Martha Not-Stewart

    I voted for the smiley one,but the other reader made a good point that the frowning one would be better for days you deal with politicians and other depressing topics.

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