US Senate: Delay Digital Conversion

The U.S. Senate has voted to delay the digitial TV conversion until June 12. It’s supposed to happen Feb. 17, as if that date hadn’t already been drummed into your brain, but lawmakers are concerned that millions of American homes aren’t ready. And they might miss Idol or Obama’s martial law  announcement or something like that.

The House takes up the bill next and is expected to approve the delay. President Obama supports the measure.

I have mixed feelings.

Upside: My nine-year-old hand-held LCD TV has one more NCAA basketball tournament left in it. We’ve had some good times watching tiny, tiny basketball games.

Downside: We’ll be forced to continue seeing the annoying countdown reminders and associated mind-numbing public service explanations for three more months.

“Digital TV? Well gee, Dick, how does that work?”

“Wow, you’re sort of dim, aren’t you George?”

But, it also gives analog more time to say its goodbyes and get its affairs in order. And that’s really what matters here.



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2 responses to “US Senate: Delay Digital Conversion

  1. Martha Not-Stewart

    I think the delay is silly! The conversion helped us to get rid of our over 20 year old TV and get a nice flat screen TV . The only down side is that the new one doesn’t have the room for our cats to hide behind it,but they have other places.

  2. Jon

    You may enjoy this PSA on the conversion. Maybe this is why it isn’t working, ha:

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