Blogger attempts to tear down Westdale

Yesterday, regular reader and statesman Zach had this to say about my latest posting in the never-ending Westdale Mall saga:

TEAR IT DOWN! …lol <- im actually starting to LOL at this situation. For crying out loud folks. It is a dead mall. You cant pump tax payer money into it and make it into some magical castle of convenience.

Am I actually going to have to put up ?

Evidently, the answer is yes — is up and running. It’s billed as a place to debate the fate of the mall and its rocky romance with local governments.

There’s not much there yet, sort of like its namesake mall. But I bet that will change.



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3 responses to “Blogger attempts to tear down Westdale

  1. MV

    Yes, Zach, why repurpose this conveniently located existing facility when we could build a brand new multimillion dollar facility somewhere downtown! You know, downtown, the place with all the convenient parking. And while you’re there, why not grab lunch at one of three exciting restaurants in the area. Make it a special occasion and have some Taco Bell.

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  3. Gatsby

    Purchase and renovate a conveniently deteriorated dump? The building is old in desperate need of being… demolished. The building was created to be a shopping center, not the seat of Linn County & Cedar Rapids government. What has brought the mall to it’s current wasteland state is simple: poor management and incompetence. The surrounding area is thriving, yet this property management company couldn’t manage to keep tenants? Why? The place is a dump. And as for parking the lot is a minefield of potholes and broken asphalt. That would need to be refinished. And I can guarantee that the mall owners won’t do it.

    What’s wrong with our existing government offices? Flood damage? Which is paid for by the federal and state government to fix. Those properties are already owned. Let’s take care of what we have before we run out and buy the first slum-mall we find.

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