Be the Poll — Repeal Official English?

Some state lawmakers are making noise about repealing Iowa’s 2002 law designating English as the official language of government business. You remember, it’s the bill that Tom Vilsack signed into law as governor and then apologized for when he was preparing a presidential run.

It’s the law Gov. Chet Culver wants repealed, but not enough to ask a legislature controlled by his own party to do said repealing.

Yes, English is a tough subject for some Iowa politicians.

But as one astute, quasi-English-speaking lawmaker once said, we should leave this issue to Iowans and their “impotent wisdom.”  So we shall.

I’m not convinced the repeal effort will get very far, (the bill is HF 14  in case you want to track it) but it’s one of those issues where almost everyone has an opinion. Leave yours here.



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3 responses to “Be the Poll — Repeal Official English?

  1. Farmfan

    This is simply a racist law. It serves no purpose other than to say, “If you’re English isn’t very good, F-you.”

    I’m all for teaching English to new Iowans and maybe even requiring English classes or proficiency to those applying for various state benefits. But not making important information on voting, health care, licensing, etc available to people in a way that they can understand it is racist, and the people who support this law know it and don’t care.

  2. Gary Ellis

    Calling supporters of the English only law racist is ignorant, intolerant and discriminatory. People whose opinions contribute only hate and vitriol to the debate should not be posted. The English only law minimizes the cost of commerce and government by placing translation and duplicating costs on the individual who hasn’t taken the time to learn English. Citizenship dictates that the individual should take it upon them-selves to learn to communicate. Compelling the population to pay for multi-lingual government documentation for those who are here illegally is ridiculous.

  3. I think that maybe those who want to immediately fall back to the PC position and deem these laws as “racist” should at least for a second stop working with feelings and use some logic.

    Apply that logic to history. The history of societies, cultures, immigration, and sensible use of tax dollars to produce all functions of government in god knows how many different languages.

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