Wednesday Reads — In Other News

Had enough inaugural pomp to fill your circumstance? I know I have.

So what else is going on? Glad I asked.

Well, it seems the economy is still tanking. Nothing is safe, even green power. Clipper Turbine in Cedar Rapids, which manufactures wind turbines, announced a series of layoffs Tuesday. Seems investors are putting off wind projects until the economic breezes blow in a positive direction.

Also, the newspaper industry, one of my personal favorites, continues to slide into the abyss. Lee Enterprises announced a plunge in its first quarter earnings. A share of Lee stock would barely buy you a gumball.

And hey, the Legislature did work a little yesterday. Disaster recovery remains urgent at this hour, according to The Gazette/Lee team. Culver’s $43 million (paltry) recovery plan is moving. Flood victims delivered dramatic testimony. This place should be all cleaned up any day now.

But in case we do flood again, at least the canals/streets will be safer. Lawmakers are once again trying to lower the blood alcohol limit for drunken boating from .01 .10 to .08, says The Register. The bill has passed the Senate in recent years only to stumble in the House.

Gov. Chet Culver has raised $1.5 million for his re-election run. Krusty Konservative raises some interesting questions about who’s giving him dough.


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  1. Tom

    That would be .1 to .08 . . .

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