Tuesday Reads

Inauguration Day has the papers and blogs buzzing. Today’s Gazette is wrapped in a special print section. Find one at your local newsstand today. And hit gazetteonline for coverage throughout the day.

Inaugural coverage is everywhere. You can’t escape it. And why would you, as a patriotic American? Iowans are having their pride stirred, according to The Register. (I usually take my pride shaken) North Iowans are witnessing the pageantry. Davenport West grads are singing to BHO. And Blog for Iowa will be there live.

Meanwhile, in Latvia, the end of the Bush administration today means the end of Chuck Larson Jr.’s ambassadorial stint, according to a front-pager in The Gazette. Larson, a former state senator and state GOP chairman from Cedar Rapids, lands back on Iowa soil today. What’s next? A “senior position” at Lincoln Strategies Group in West Des Moines. Recession schmession.

Others are making tougher new starts. The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier carries the tale of Tina Hansen, who is starting a diner in tornado-flood damaged New Hartford. She moved to town in March, just in time for nature’s one-two punch. She likes the town and wants to see a comeback, so she’s taking the plunge.

The economy is putting new pressures on hospitals, which are seeing the number of uninsured patients seeking treatment jump, according to The Register. The Iowa Hosptital Association says charity cases jumped 26 percent in Iowa in the third quarter of 2008 compared to a year ago.

So why the long face, Sioux City? Locals it seems are not laughing about the city’s lack of comedy clubs. The local market, it seems, is too small to keep one afloat.


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