Coggon Freezes Over

With sincere apologies to my colleague and proud Coggonite Molly Rossiter.

From the The Register:

And you thought yesterday’s temperatures were ridiculous.

At a reporting station at Coggon, north of Cedar Rapids, the mercury hit -40 degrees today.

At Monticello, just east of Coggon, a reading of -38 was reported, according to Bill Elliott, of the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities.

Sitting in the parking lot outside my kids’ daycare on the far north side of Marion around 7:45, my car thermometer read -36.

 The lowest temperature ever recorded in Iowa is -47 at Elkader on Feb. 3, 1996, and at Washta on Jan. 12, 1912.

The highest ever was 118 at Keokuk on July 20, 1934. 

That’s a 165 degree swing.


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One response to “Coggon Freezes Over

  1. Molly

    That explains why my kitchen pipes froze and why my car, despite spending the evening in an insulated garage, felt the need to scream at me when I started it this morning.

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