Be The Poll — Lease That Lottery?

Gov. Chet Culver made veiled mention of it in his Condition of the State address. Democratic legislative leaders call it “innovation” and say they’re open to it. Gambling opponents say it makes them nervous.

“It” is leasing the Iowa lottery to a group of private investors led by Riverside casino chief Dan Kehl. The state would get $200 million or more up front to help with budget woes. But it would lose a great deal of management control.

Is it a bet worth taking?



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2 responses to “Be The Poll — Lease That Lottery?

  1. george

    If its making money dont sell it.

  2. Mark

    How would this “leasing of the lottery” impact the Governor’s plan to use the $56 million/year the lottery brings in to pay off the $700 million loan? Or is that $56 million just from the casinos?

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