A Car for Troubled Times

There’s been a lot a talk about unpaid employee furloughs lately, in government, at newspaper chains, you name it. And there’s still a lot of worry out there about the fate of the U.S. auto industry.

It all gives me an idea:

Introducing the 2010 Ford Furlough.

Americans are going to have a lot of time on their hands, let’s face it. And whether you’re on an unpaid vacation, trying to ellude creditors or just taking a drive to think, damn it, think, we’re all going to need a nice, dependable and affordable car to drive our crushed souls across a bleak but wide open American landscape.

And that car is the 2010 Ford Furlough.

Check out these features!

Revolutionary cellulosic 4-cylinder engine runs on shredded, “borrowed” office supplies.

Roomy interior seats 5 unshaven adults in bathrobes.

Desperation ventilation climate control.

Expandable “Foreclosure-Flex” panels and pop up cots allow the 2010 Furlough to sleep 3 in anxiety-free comfort.

Dashboard harmonica holder. Handy for when the blues strike you. (Radio not included)

Rose-colored windshield.

Affirm-O-Matic confidence-building suspension system keeps the 2010 Furlough from sliding on ice, snow or into a deep morass.

And best of all, check out these available colors!

Pink Slip, Buyout Berry, Out-To-Pasture Puce, Angst, Denial and Joad.

The 2010 Ford Furlough. Because, after all, what choice do you have?


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