Thursday Reads — Absolute Zero

OK, not that cold. But it is -24.8 at the Dorman ranch. And again, no school at Linn Mar.

So what say the media?

Waterloo? “Blasted” says the Courier. “Frostbite,” warns the Register. Wouldn’t you hate to be the Uncle Sam guy walking outside to promote Liberty Tax Services, says The Gazette. “Dangerous” says the AP.

KCRG in Cedar Rapids says we’ve broken our record low at -24. Lucky us.

In other news, IBM is planning to open a new facility that will employ 1,300 in Dubuque, according to the Wall Street Journal and The Register. It will be the biggest new facility built by the company in 10 years, that’s not in India anyway. Mike Blouin, development guru in Dubuque, says government is ponying up $55 million to lure the company, including an $11.7 million state loan.

The Gazette reports on a renewed legislative effort to ban the use of hand-held cell phones while driving. And the smoking ban is back on the agenda. 

And count me in the sad-to-see-him-going camp on the Eddie Podolak retirement/embarrassing photos saga. Gazette columnist Mike Hlas and Register scribe Mark Hansen both have good takes.

Now, will my car start?

UPDATE — Nope.


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One response to “Thursday Reads — Absolute Zero

  1. DJ

    Re: “ban the use of hand-held cell phones while driving”

    They’re ALL hand-held… please people, stop using this language.

    Couldn’t I comply by holding my phone in my hand and have it on speaker as long as I wasn’t placing it up against my head?

    … and I want them to ban hand-held Big Macs next.

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