I’m Free for Brunch

President-elect Barack Obama dined with leading conservative columnati last eve at George Will’s house. Politico says lamb chops were served:

Obama Tuesday night trekked to the Chevy Chase, Md., home of conservative columnist George F. Will to talk politics and get to know some of his fiercest intellectual adversaries: Charles Krauthammer, William Kristol, Larry Kudlow, David Brooks, Rich Lowry, Peggy Noonan, Michael Barone, and Paul Gigot.

Will told that one about Peloponnesian War, and made Kristol spit 40-year-old single malt all over. Classic.

Now, today, Obama’s with the liberals:

The group included the Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne and Eugene Robinson, the Wall Street Journal’s Gerry Seib, National Journal’s Ron Brownstein, the New York Times Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd, and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, among others.

Today’s meeting was held at the transition headquarters, and unlike dinner at George Will’s house, I’m told there weren’t refreshments. But similar to last night’s, the discussion was off the record.

I’ve heard rumors, which I can’t confirm, that the president-elect will be brunching tomorrow with unknown goateed Midwestern hacks.

Just in case, I’m waiting by the phone. Oh what to wear.


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