Christmas Music, Love or Hate?

I’m thinking about columnizing on Christmas music.

What are your favorites? What do you loathe? Is there too much of it or not enough? Do you wear earplugs to the mall? How does music fit or not fit into your traditions?

Just curious.



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20 responses to “Christmas Music, Love or Hate?

  1. Deb

    Christmas Music is a delight, at CHRISTMAS time. I don’t want to hear it the day after Thanksgiving. That takes some of the joy and wonder out of it. You should look forward to getting out the Christmas music…because it’s a special thing that you do for just a little while each year. It’s a gift.

    My favorite Christmas album..”Chicago”, which rocks, literally and figuratively…and the best song on that CD might be “The Little Drummer Boy”.

    Guilty Pleasure Christmas music…Clay Aiken, “Mary Did You Know”. Just plain hauntingly beautiful.

    Joeux Noel!

  2. Deb

    Sorry, that should have read, the day after HALLOWEEN.
    That’s when I heard the first Christmas music this year.

  3. Jon

    You can’t go wrong with Trans-Siberian Orchestra Chorale of the Bells… That is unless it’s played two months early. Great tune, but let’s just wait until the actual Christmas season.

  4. Jim Flansburg

    Try talking to salespeople in the malls. I have a sister who has worked retail for years, and she nearly goes nuts this time of year because she starts hearing the same songs again and again. It’s like water torture for the ears.

  5. Tom

    Beach Boys Christmas album and Elvis Christmas albums are staples in our home for the holidays – but only within a week before and after. Someone else mentioned the Chicago Christmas album and it has made an excellent addition to our Christmas music library that also includes the Morman Tab Choir and James Taylor.

  6. R

    I LOVE Christmas music! Traditional songs remind of me the Reason for the Season, and the other ones are just fun! However, I used to think it couldn’t be played too early, until last year when a radio station here (in Chicago) decided to change to its all Christmas music all the time format on November 2! That, in my opinion, was too early… Thanksgiving, I can handle, but right after Halloween? Give people some time to breath!

  7. My favorite Christmas song is “You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch.” Stink! Stank! Stunk!!

  8. Jessica

    I am a life long lover of Christmas music,, ( I even participate in the holiday pops concerts and the messiah sing-a-long)however, wait unitl Christmas!!!! My mother passed on 11/3 and dealing with the holidays is hard enough, but I have been bombarded by it everywhere I go. I am not prepared to deal with this in October. Since I am more sensitive this year it has given me the oppertunity to experience how a non-christian must feel. Christ and Christmas are forced down our throats. I am actively looking for essentail stores, (grocerry, clothing etc.) that don’t have Christmas Music. I am at a loss. We loose them magic of christmas when we clebrate it for weeks or months on end.

  9. Chuck

    Love Christmas music during the Christmas holiday. That means, AFTER Thanksgiving week. Despise the stores (and radio stations) that push Christmas down our throats the second the Halloween mask is put in the drawer. This year seems worse, in that stores are scared to death no one will spend money on Christmas, so they are bombarding us with sales earlier than normal. Seems to get worse every year.

  10. John

    I love it, but it’s played too early. Thanksgiving and after = fine. Unfortunately, we have radio stations trying to compete with others and just keep pushing each other back further and further. One station that I know of started the first weekend in November.. way too early. Christmas music isn’t fun if you freaking hate it when Christmas actually rolls around.

  11. Tim

    Now that Stephen Colbert has dubbed the 4th of July “America’s Christmas,” we’ll probably start hearing this drivel in mid-summer.

    Put me squarely in the “hate it” camp. Most Christmas music is sentimental dreck, although I will admit I like “The Christmas Song,” as sung by Nat King Cole (but come on–it’s Nat King Cole. He had more talent than the entire current Top 40). However, I prefer the non-traditionals, like “Father Christmas,” by The Kinks, or They Might Be Giant’s “Santa’s Beard.”

  12. Tess

    Wow Todd, you should write about music more often.
    I’m down with Christmas music. It’s a part of the season and we should appreciate that. I think it’s funny that so many people complain about hearing it too early, but all of us probably listen to the same 30 (give or take) songs year in and year out every day. Some of us probably listen to the same two CD’s every day for 15 years.
    Anyway, Christmas music is cool, and Jessica, as hard as it is now, believe me, what makes you sad now will make you feel warm and fill you with good memories soon. Hang in there.

  13. Jim

    There are only two Christmas songs that I can stomach:

    1. Charlie Brown Christmas (heard in “The Royal Tennenbaums”) Not sure why I like this one except that it conjurs childhood memories that actually make Christmas seem child-like and innocent.
    2. So this is Christmas by John Lennon. I like this because it’s really an anti-war song.

    All the rest of it reminds me of what a sham Christmas is. It’s a celebration of the US’s love affair with consumption, and makes me wish it were January.

  14. Deb

    Charlie Brown …“The Royal Tennenbaums….YES!

    Attitude is everything.
    Christmas, like life, is exactly what you choose to make if you viwe it as a sham, that’s what it is, and if you view it as a celebration of all things good and/or holy, then that’s what it is.
    Since it’s celebrated round the world, and has been for centuries, you can say all you like that it’s a celebration of the US’s love affair with consumption, but that won’t make it true, anymore than your saying the grass is purple would make that true.

    Perhaps it’s time for some of us to watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” again, and take a lesson from that innocent little animated program!

    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen!

  15. Martha Not-Stewart

    Christmas music is nice,but it can get repetitive as there are a million artists singing the same songs. There doesn’t seem to be much original Christmas music.

  16. DM

    I am a recovering Southern Baptist, so even though there is a “reason for the season” I still get the heebie-jeebies at anything that is overly preachy. However, “O Holy Night” still brings me to tears and gives me goosepimples at the line “fall on your knees…oh hear the angels’ voices…”

  17. ai

    bnl, elf’s lament

    (i pick up toys … but i have aspirations .)


    diana krall, have yourself a merry little christmas

  18. Sarah

    Luckily, we have a decent number of radio stations here in town…if you don’t like the Christmas music, DON’T LISTEN TO IT!

  19. Jim

    Deb, you are 100% correct.

    (I still can’t stand it! LOL)

  20. Favorite Christmas album: The Lettermen, “For Christmas This Year.” Favorite Christmas song, “O Holy Night.” (As DM noted, goosepimples!)

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