Snow More Bragging for Bud Light

Bud Light is losing its world title, to a Chinese lager called “Snow.” From The Guardian:

The self-styled king of beers has been toppled by a drink that most Budweiser lovers have never heard of: Snow.

The ascension of Snow, which is expected to outsell world leader Bud Light this year, is due to the growing thirst of Chinese drinkers for beer.

While beer consumption is on the wane in developed markets such as the UK, the Chinese have been developing a taste for home-grown lagers and there is plenty of scope for growth in a country with more than 1.3 billion inhabitants.

 I feel somewhat responsible, having not consumed a Bud Light in years. Although, really, who cares? Let the Bud-owning Belgians and SABMIller, Snow’smaker, battle it out. Eventually, they’ll all merge to form Beeratron or Beercon or InBuzz or whatever.

Tired of the battling big boys? Here’s a list of Iowa breweries.


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One response to “Snow More Bragging for Bud Light

  1. Tom

    I’m glad I have better options than Bud Light and yellow Snow.

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