DMR — Mari Breaks Chet’s Smoking Law

After being seen smoking by a Des Moines Register reporter in a state-owned vehicle (a “workplace” under the statewide smoking ban) Mari Culver owns up:

Iowa’s first lady admitted today that she smoked in a state-owned vehicle, breaking a law that her husband signed with fanfare in April.

The law bans smoking in most workplaces, including employers’ vehicles. It specifically bans smoking in government-owned cars.

Mari Culver released a statement today acknowledging the misstep. “Like many Iowans, I have struggled to quit smoking. I successfully quit last year, but unfortunately started again a few months ago,” she wrote. “I did smoke in a state vehicle, which I regret, and I promise that it will not happen again.”

Culver’s admission came a day after a Des Moines Register reporter noticed her openly smoking in a Chevrolet Tahoe that the state provides to her family.

Ouch. But the law’s the law, and it applies to everyone. It’s fair game.

Still, there’s a part of me that feels bad for the crap she’s going to take for this. I can throw snark at politicians all day long. They ask for it. But Mari Culver didn’t run for anything.

Oh well, at least Republicans can smile again.


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