Friday Mailbag — Doormat

My Thursday column urging Republicansto build off of McCain’s gracious concession speech drew quite a bit of mail. Some agreed with my take that the GOP should stop digging trenches and start broadening its message.

Some did not, like Dan Taiber:

“You should change your name from Dorman to “DoorMat” since you speak like typical liberals who thinks they understand Republicans and conservatives.
You clearly think you know what must be done, however, you’ll never know the true reasons what caused over 50 million of us to vote for McCain. He was never our candidate from the first place….we were forced to support him since your Democratic Party crossed over in our primaries to vote for him thinking was the easiest one to defeat in a national election.”

Marshall Amoroso of North Liberty also disagreed:

“Maybe Republicans could be more like Democrats so Americans can have a better choice in 2012. If they would just change their message as you suggest, voters would turn their way in droves. What fantasy!”

And Dale Fitzgibbons of Cedar Rapids contends Obama’s win was slick marketing, not message:

“America has just elected the most demonstrably inexperienced presidential candidate in history — but has yet to discover and fully appreciate the fact. After a steady drill of parroting the “Hope and Change” mantra, the media pundits have begun switching to “Obama the Enigma, the Largely Unknown.” Carrying the packaging metaphor a bit further, it’s like buying a product in one of those infernal clamshell packages, where all you have on which to base a purchasing decision is the glittery label and the salesman’s patter. It’s not until you get it home and tear it open that you find out what you really bought — and by then it’s too late — “Sorry, all sales final.” This has been the most dramatic “street hustle” I, for one, have ever witnessed and my hunch is that when the inevitable “buyer’s remorse” sets in it will be formidable and merciless.”

Others saw it my way, including Linda Laugen of Cedar Rapids:

“I really thought John McCain distinguished himself in his concession speech. Plus the patriotism in it seemed a perfect complement to the new hope and optimism Barack Obama seems to have evoked from a tired, discouraged America.”

 And Geilda Peterson wondered what might have been:

“I wanted to let you know that I appreciated your remarks about John McCain’s concession speech. I thought it was much more indicative of the direction I thought he might take the Republican Party in this campaign than what actually transpired. Frankly, had he taken this tone during the campaign, outcomes might have been different.”

Keep those letters coming. And if you need to wipe your feet, you know where to find me.


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