Iowa Legislative Picture Clearing

After some tense moments late last night for Democrats, it looks like they’ll keep the Iowa House. Several Dem incumbents were behind until the absentees were counted. From Radio Iowa:

Democrats retained majority control of the Iowa Senate and House, but the outcome of two House races in the Sioux City area is still undetermined.

House Republican Leader Christopher Rants of Sioux City says absentee ballots in those races will be counted today. “You know, we’re going to find out just how big a role absentees play,” Rants says. “I think we’re headed to an age where Election Day isn’t just 24 hours. It’s 24 days where candidates are going to have to adapt to the fact that you’re going to have to deliver your message a month out because those absentees are going to count more and more in the future.”

 Democrats had held a 53 to 47 seat edge in the House. Election returns available early Wednesday morning indicate Democrats won 54 seats and Republicans won 44 in the Iowa House. In the Senate, available results indicate Democrats increased their majority to 33 seats, compared to 17 for Republicans.


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One response to “Iowa Legislative Picture Clearing

  1. Mike

    Mr. Rants,

    Activists have been telling GOP leaders like yourself for years that instead of a 72 HR program..we need a 72 DAY program.

    Democrats had paid staff out in the streets back this summer, knocking on doors, getting people to fill out absentee ballots and register as Democrats.

    Republicans have for years failed to respond in kind..thinking that our voters will just magically show up en masse at the polls.

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