First Poll of 2012

Who will lead the GOP from the wilderness? From MSNBC:

NBC-WSJ GOP pollster Neil Newhouse did a post-election survey last night, and here’s what he found: Just 12% of those surveyed believed Palin should be the GOP’s new leader; instead 29% of voters said Romney, followed by 20% who say Huckabee. Among GOPers, it was Romney 33%, Huckabee 20% and Palin 18%. Look for more from this survey later today.



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4 responses to “First Poll of 2012

  1. Look for:

    Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA)
    Fmr. Speaker Newt Gingrich
    Fmr. Gov. Mitt Romney
    Fmr. Gov. Mike Huckabee
    Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK)

    Jindal is scheduled to be at some Iowa events early next year.

    Gingrich is busy creating policy ideas with his American Solutions organization.

    Romney is starting to speak loudly.

    Huckabee is already speaking loudly.

    Palin is continuing as Governor or Alaska and will be moving around the GOP circuit on scheduled events starting early next year. She will play an important role but I think the stigma of this election will be an albatross.

  2. Mike

    Palin won’t be an “albatross”. It wasn’t her that hurt McCain. McCain did enough of that himself with some of the foolish campaign decisions he made.

    If McCain had come out and offered an alternative to the bailout..he likely could have won the election. Instead, he sat silent in Washington..then he foolishly voted for it thinking that if he didn’t..he’d been accused of “doing nothing” about the situation.

  3. Martha Troxel

    It will be interesting to see who makes it to the top in the GOP.

  4. @Mike

    I was not suggesting that Palin herself would be an albatross. This election and the mud we’ve seen flying from some high strung snobby McCain staffers is what will make up the albatross.

    I support her and what she stands for but the fact remains is that she will remain unelectable as a primary on any national ticket. She has the ability to easily win the Republican primary for 2012 but not the big show.

    Some interesting things could happen though. We are still waiting to see if Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) gets re-elected. If he does it will be kicked out of congress very quickly which opens a door for Gov. Palin to run for his Senate seat. In Alaska they are required to have a special election.. no appointing. This would put her on the national stage and set her up for many good things.. not to mention the experience.

    I say toss her on a ticket with Bobby Jindal in 2012 with Newt Gingrich leading a policy charge and we’re in for some good times.

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