Ripped from Today’s Headlines

Editors all over America are wonder what their big historic front-page headline should be. Here are some suggestions. Feel free to steal them.

If Obama Wins:

O No He Didn’t! (O Yes He Did!)

We’ll Take `That One’

U.S. Voters Associate with Known Democrat

Disillusionment Begins Today!

If McCain Wins:

Erratic and Ecstatic!

McCain to Pollsters, Pundits, Press – Drop (Beep) Dead

WHAT THE…(Headline continued on page 2)

Real America Triumphs over Blue Plague of Wickedness

UPDATE NOTE — I’ll be live blogging tonight at gazetteonline starting around 7:30. Join me and my team of the youngest pundits in politics, ages 3 and 6. We’ll undoubtedly hear their insights, although they’ll probably be in bed faster than you can call Ohio.



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2 responses to “Ripped from Today’s Headlines

  1. Deb

    “O No He Didn’t! (O Yes He Did!)”…
    So is this where the Gazette got their headline?
    Did they pay you a royalty?

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