Grassley to Minnesohtins – Press does not heart America

From O. Kay Henderson’s peerless blog at Radio Iowa:

Long-time Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley campaigned last week in Minnesota for fellow Republicans. KEYC in Mankato covered Grassley’s remarks. The sound quality isn’t stellar, but here is what Grassley said in the video clip: “People love America. Trouble is, we got a press that doesn’t love America and America gets blamed for everything, but not by the American people — just by the apologists for our country and we don’t need a president of a party who’s going to be an apologist for America.”

Grassley’s spokeswoman suggests that he was talking about the national press, not the Iowa media.



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2 responses to “Grassley to Minnesohtins – Press does not heart America

  1. HawkiJedi

    Although, he’s not far off the mark. Has anyone taken a close look at the electoral college maps of the last few election cycles?
    If you have, let me ask this question:
    Is it any surprise that the major media markets are all awash in blue?
    Heck, if you look at a county by county electoral map of Iowa you get the same results.
    Big Cities (and their major media outlets) are all blue.
    Coincidence? I’m not so sure.

  2. george

    If Grassley wants to disparage the patriotism of some Americans, he may end up like Macsame and Dole. People dont like being falsely accused. Maybe Republicans get so much bad press because they do such a bad job. Take Grassley for example. He says he supports ethanol when he goes to the Farm Oranizations and others in Iowa, then he supports Macsame who does not support ethanol. People are growing weary of that kind of BS. They are also getting tired of the old “its the medias fault line”. Nixon used to say stuff like that. The press actually went to far in deference to the Bush adminstration (supported by Grassley). Now when the chickens have come home to roost, they want to divide people to cover their own inadequices.

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