Sunday Leftovers

I always have to keep my Sunday column tight, space-wise, thanks to the ad we run at the bottom of Iowa Today. Hey, on the plus side, it’s keeping my family fed.

But that means I often have leftovers that don’t get served in print. This Sunday’s column about Larry Peyton’s effort to rebuild in Time Check was no exception. Here are a few morsels I left in my notebook.

Flood story — Like a lot of folks, after he and his wife swiftly evacuated ahead of the rising waters, Peyton returned to his place at 1428 6th Street NW in a boat. Water had risen to the top of the front porch roof, so he climbed in a second floor window.

Even though the city had said electricity would be cut off, Peyton said that wasn’t the case. And that created scenes both eerie and remarkable. As he guided his boat down 6th Street, he could see many of his neighbors’ porch lights glowing like normal, but underneath the water, as the Cedar River snuffed out normal life as they knew it.

And while Peyton was at his home, he heard the hum of his sump pump, valiantly running non-stop in his basement, which was now the river bottom. He still has the pump, and it still works.

Historic Finds — And like a lot of flooded homeowners, rebuilding work at Peyton’s home has uncovered some lost bits of the past. Peyton said workers at his place found a large, 1913 $5 bill that he plans to frame. They also found a pair of toy pop guns with corks in tact.

He said volunteers from his wife’s Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation also found a first edition, 1886 copy of “the Plan of the Ages,” which is an important early text in their faith. What are the odds?

Check back on Mondays for more leftovers.


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  1. Friday night I drove through Cedar Rapids for the first time since the floods. Since it was dark there is much I could not see but it was because it was dark it was evident there were things I should have been able to see. It was the absence of light from sections of homes representing loss and lingering damage from the summer flood.

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