Big Turnout for Pet-O-Ween

So I made it to my big judging gig at Pet-O-Ween Sunday. There were 78 entries in the Cedar Valley Humane Society’s annual pet costume contest at Theisen’s. I carefully scrutinized each.

Sure, things got out of hand at times. There was some kicking and growling and tears. But once we got our kids some snacks and free popcorn, things calmed down quite a bit.

Oh, the pets? They were great.

The big winner was a miniature horse named Willow, who came dressed as a 60s flower child, complete with a flowing blond wig and bell bottoms. A daisy tied to her tail was a nice touch.

Runners up included a “Litter Pug” dressed as a trash can complete with trash, Max, a pirate dog who carried a stuffed parrot, sword and pistol, and a miniature collie named Gracie who was wrapped up in a web as “the spider’s last meal.” Clever.

Just out of the running were a pair of Yorkies (named Wrigley and Addie I believe) dressed as little devils with McCain and Palin faces. Their owner carried a “Vote Obama” sign. Stinging political commentary, to be sure, but perhaps too controversial for Pet-O-Ween.

One amazing thing about the contest is that only one contestant pooped during the competition. Poor Charlie, No. 11. No one probably even noticed his flower costume.

Also amazing are the names people come up with for their pets. Among my favorites were Viper, Axl, Mable, Cheech, October, Spud, Lupe, Tank, Beauregard, Cosmo, Lucy Lulu, Chica Bonita, Tahoe, Elway, Raisin, Athena and Memphis.

So now I’ve judged the Walker Pickle Days barbecue cookoff and the Pet-O-Ween costume show. Where will my talents be needed next?


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