Trick or Disappointment?

Yahoo has an amusing list of the 10 Most Disappointing Halloween Treats.

Toothbrushes, raisins and apples all made the list.

I remember getting an orange once with one of those hard candy root beer barrels shellacked to its skin so that it looked like a pumpkin with a stem. Clever.

Don’t ever eat an orange after sucking on a root beer barrel. Never.

Otherwise, I have nothing but fond, pre-stranger-danger-era memories of sticky orange popcorn balls and caramel apples and full-sized candy bars. Sure, there were those occasional Bit-O-Honey houses to endure, and those people who gave away their business’ monogramed pencils, but it all evened out. Teeth rotted, guts busted. Bliss.



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2 responses to “Trick or Disappointment?

  1. MV

    Smarties didn’t make the Yahoo! list? I hated those things. Or what about those gross peanut butter things in black or orange wrappers?

    I also have vivid memories of being overjoyed by getting a whole pack of Bubble Yum, and of being horribly disappointed that I didn’t hit the house that was giving full-size Toblerones.

  2. Deb V

    Smartees and Peanut Butter Kisses are the most awesome part of halloween!

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