Grassley and I, Confused

I was watching the news the other night when I saw a Democraic TV ad against Renee Schulte accusing her of wanting to privatize Social Security. Trouble is, Schulte is a candidate for Iowa House District 37. Not sure the Legislature has much clout when it comes to federal entitlements.

I forgot about it, until I was reading O. Kay Henderson’s fine blog at Radio Iowa. She has an account of U.S. Sen Charles Grassley describing a scenario similar to my own during his morning media conference call:

“I was sitting here in my living room watching some commercials about state legislative races and I observed one that was a negative ad against somebody by the name of Schulte where the Democrat was accusing this Republican candidate of being for privatizing Social Security and something else dealing with some of Bush’s economic programs and we don’t need more of that, and I just wonder how much the Democrats running for office know about government — that state legislative candidates don’t have anything to do with Social Security or anything to do with Bush’s economic programs, that they’re running for the state legislature.”

“It reminds me after the 1964 landslide there was a Democratic candidate elected and he didn’t know whether he was going to Washington or Des Moines to serve his people and I would just hope that people would keep state legislative issues and state candidate races to state issues not trying to confuse the public — unless the candidates for the Democrats don’t know the difference.”

I’m betting the Dems know the difference, and they’re just trying to tie up R’s with an unpopular issue stance. But betting that dumb voters won’t know the difference is lousy politics.

Now word yet from Democrats on the ads.



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2 responses to “Grassley and I, Confused

  1. I’m seeing the same thing here in Washington. Nearly every Democrat ad against the Republican candidate makes mention of Bush or some sort of “we dont need X number years more failed policies” etc. We have also seen Barack Obama use this as his ‘big stick’ against McCain.

    These things come from a lack of new and interesting ideas and from an excess of lust for power by any means.

    In Washington a candidate can choose to whatever party name they believe represents them. So some choose Democrat and some choose Republican but there are also variations of these. For instance, the Republican candidate for governor listed his party as “The GOP Party.” After doing this several Democrat groups banded together and sued the Republican candidate in an attempt to force him to list his party as Republican even though Washington law clearly states that he does not have to.

    Their sad attempt at word association proves that they cant compete in a battle of ideas so they have to attempt to gain victory through other means.

    Unfortunately, it’s just not a good year to be a Republican.

  2. What is The What is the root ‘cure’ for what is unfolding?

    This year is the first year that I have registered to vote, I was looking forward to participating and playing the game of politics. But, seeing reality so clearly leaves me un-empowered. My nine year old son Makiah is excited to vote, so I am giving him my vote. He says, “children matter”..USA ranks 20th in child well being with the worlds richest democracies, USA has the second worst child poverty rate (after Mexico) among 26 of the richest countries, 2 million children have an incarcerated parent ( women in prison has gone up 900% since 1980..we have 5% of the worlds population 25% of the prison population of the world) 13 million children living in poverty, while ranking last in the G7 countries in infant mortality and life expectancy while spending 2X-3X more on health spending per capita, while early head start programs serve 1 in 20 of those eligible, 13 million children living in poverty ….this is the crime of our culture.

    I am pledging to help Makiah declare war on this subhuman culture, pledging to help Makiah to address the root causes of the ultimate needs of children in America, pledging Makiah to place the “Makiah Bill” before the House, Senate and President when they all return to work in 2009.

    Giving my vote has given me hope. Hope that 99% of the population knows the top priority of our culture and knows how to co-create and co-design a system based on the ultimate assets of oneself.

    It is raining in Iowa today, a sad day. Washing away the illusions of culture…washing away old belief systems of reality…washing away greed, corruption and ignorance…while looking forward to seeing ‘Makiah’s Bill’ co-creating and co-designing a foundation of a new culture, based on the ultimate health of the child.

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