Goodbye Zima

Breaking news. Miller Coors LLC has announced that it’s discontinuing Zima, that fizzy concoction that defied definition, and good taste, since the middish 1990s. According to the AP:

Chief Marketing Officer Andy England says the decision was due to weakness in the “malternative” segment and declining consumer interest.

The story inexplicably fails to mention that Zima means “winter” in Russian (and several Slavic languages).

I was working as sports editor at the Iowa Falls Times-Citizen in 1994 when my parents and I went to dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday. When the waitress came and asked us for our drink orders, my mom said she wanted to try that new thing she heard about on TV.

She then proceeded to order a “Zippy.”

The waitress got a confused look. But having interpreted my mom’s pop cultural misunderstandings in the past, I swiftly told her she meant Zima. Soon it arrived, tasting of slightly flat 7 Up. It may have been the last time I ever tasted it.

Ah memories. Farewell Zippy.  Say hi to Clear Pepsi in brand heaven.



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3 responses to “Goodbye Zima

  1. Scott

    …thus making millions of people look up and say, “They were still making Zima?”

  2. Mike Mock

    I believe this is one of the 16 market indicators of the Apocalypse …

  3. Darrell

    “They were still making Zima?”

    Which is exactly what was said when I read this story out loud in my office…

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