Another Poll — Who the Veep Cares?

KCRG Channel 9 has some interesting poll numbers out this afternoon as we await the epic Veep struggle Thursday night between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.

As for the horserace, the poll of 600 likely Iowa voters shows Obama leading McCain 55-39 in the state. The Research 2000 poll has a margin of error of +/- 4 percent.

As for the veeps, among those polled, 18 percent say Palin’s selection makes them more likely to vote for McCain and 17 percent say Biden’t pick makes them more likely to vote for Obama.  A wash, evidently.

But 23 percent said the Palin pick makes them less likely to vote McCain, and that figure, surprisingly, rises to 25 percent among women and independents surveyed. Only 8 percent overall say Biden is driving them away from Obama.

Also, 55 percent think Biden is qualified to be president, compared to 37 percent who think Palin’s ready. Ironically, Obama beats McCain on the qualification question 65-63. Go figure.

So, if you believe this brief snapshot in political time, Palin’s big job Thursday night is to convince people she’s equipped to be president. No-brainer there. Biden’s big job is to keep from eating his foot and seeming erratic. Much tougher than it sounds.

I fully expect Palin to win the debate. If she remains standing, turns on the charm and drops in several pre-prepared spunky zingers, she’s home free. “Palin Holds Her Own” will be the headline. She’ll be “unexpectedly formidable” on pundit row. 

McCain’s backers sure hope so, anyway. They spent a month trying to make it all about sassy Sam’s Club Sarah and scary elitist Obama. But now Palin’s sass has turned to gaffes and it’s the economy that’s now really scary. Obama has benefited. Still, the election is a lifetime away.

Other interesting numbers. Tom Harkin leads Christopher Reed 56-39 in the US Senate race and Gov. Culver’s approval rating is 52 percent. One troubling sign – 19 percent of Democrats polled disapprove of Culver’s performance and he’s at just 49 percent approval among independents.



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2 responses to “Another Poll — Who the Veep Cares?

  1. Tim Letterman

    A KCRG poll……Who did they poll? Johnson and Linn counties or just the KCRG newsroom and Gazette columnists?

  2. tdorman

    It was a poll of 600 voters across the state with a history of voting in state elections. I was not polled, however.

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