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Palin says Cedar Rapids is Grand

So what if Sarah Palin called us “Grand Rapids?” I, for one, am big enough to cut her some slack. I’m also afraid that Todd Palin will run me over with a snow machine if I don’t.

Palin just spoke at a town hall meeting in Grand Rapids, Mich., last night. You can’t expect a candidate to know which unpretentious, hard-working, patriotic small town she’s in at any given moment. They’re all the backbone of America, that’s what’s important.

And there are many more Grand Rapids in this country than there are Cedar Rapids, according to 47 seconds of intense research.

Michigan, North Dakota, Oregon, Minnesota and Ohio are each home to a Grand Rapids. But I could only find Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Cedar Rapids Nebraska.

And with tight races in Minnesota, Ohio and Michigan, it’s little wonder that Grand Rapids is on her mind. Iowa’s looking pretty blue these days, if you believe the polls, and Nebraska can’t get any more red, so if you forget a city or two here or there, what’s the harm?

Besides it’s tough to run for veep and still serve as the reform governor of Arkansas. So good luck, Sally. All of us here in Grand Rapids are behind you and what’s-his-name 100 percent.



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McCain Flood Tour?

Veep nominee Sarah Palin says during her CR remarks at this hour that the GOP team is going to look at flood damage after all.


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Tough Job

I noticed in this morning’s story about the latest developments in Agriprocessors’ legal woes that plant manager Sholom Rubashkin is being represented by F. Montgomery Brown, an attorney from West Des Moines. Brown is the same attorney who represents local rental baron Bob Miell, who goes on trial for mail and tax fraud and other charges in federal court in January.

He’s got his work cut out for him, clearly. At least it’s lucrative work.

Brown has taken on plenty of tough cases. He was on the legal team that helped State Sen. Matt McCoy beat a federal extortion charge last year. But he couldn’t save pot-dealing former Wilton Mayor Dick Summy from a federal jail term.

I’m not knocking him for representing any of these clients, mind you. Everybody deserves good representation. It’s the American way.

FYI, he is no relation to C. Montgomery Burns, Springfield nuclear power baron.

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