Should McCain Tour the Flood Zone?

From the AP:

CEDAR RAPIDS – Some Cedar Rapids officials are grumbling about Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s decision to hold an airport rally Thursday but skip a tour of large areas of the city still reeling from summer flooding.

Some said McCain is only the latest official to ignore Cedar Rapids’ pain.

“That’s exactly what’s happening,” said Lee Clancey, a Republican former mayor of the city who is coordinating flood recovery efforts. “I don’t know if his advance team is making him aware that there are significant needs here.”

McCain’s schedule calls for him to land at the Eastern Iowa Airport about five miles outside of Cedar Rapids, hold a rally at a private flying service with running mate Sarah Palin, then wing off to his next event.

 Now, to be fair, “some Cedar Rapids officials” apparently amounts to Clancey and Rep. Kraig Paulsen, R-Hiawatha, who isn’t grumbling as much as he simply wishes McCain had time for a tour. Clancey is referred to as a Republican, which is technically true, but she did endorse Al Gore in 2000. She supported Hillary Clinton in the primary race this year.

Anyway, the question is, should McCain have scheduled at least a short tour?

I understand his time crunch, but the answer is a clear yes. Can you imagine McCain dropping in for a campaign event just outside Houston or New Orleans this week and skipping a damage tour? Wouldn’t happen, so why skip it here?

Sure, McCain probably won’t even be around to vote on disaster relief. But he’s still sending a bad symbolic message. As Clancey argues, it feeds the persistent notion around these parts that the country has moved on and forgotten us, even as folks still struggle to recover.

I’m not saying McCain doesn’t care about flood victims. I’m saying his campaign bungled an opportunity to show he cares.

He still has time to change his schedule. Don’t be surprised if he does.



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3 responses to “Should McCain Tour the Flood Zone?

  1. Mike


    McCain’s toured flood damage in Iowa. He’s fully aware of what’s happened to our state.

    Need you be reminded that Obama didn’t tour flood damage. He held a press event at the Czech and Slovak Museum and then did a campaign rally over at Coe College.

    What you guys need to be asking is why Democrats like Dave Loebsack here have done virtually NOTHING to help get a comprehensive flood relief package put together and passed out of Congress.

    When the Republicans led Congress in 2005..they had passed not one, not two, but THREE major relief packages for Katrina victims within a MONTH of the hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast.

    Its been 3 months now..and so far Congress has barely scratched the surface in terms of helping our area.

  2. alicia

    If he did, wouldn’t the Iowa Democrats just say he’s politicizing the issue?

  3. Kathy

    I think McCain should take the time to drive from the airport. I believe that since this house district is a democrat stronghold Paulsen does not want him to visit. The Presidential candidates are in this to win. They do whatever the local yokels tell them will help win. Kraig is the one who decides who gets to speak at the meeting. I know, he won’t let those people speak who he believes are losers, like me 🙂 I have been asking the campaign over and over to help my neighborhood with recovery, all to no avail. I know it is not John McCain, it’s the minions under him that want to feel all so important.

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