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New Twins Stadium to Help Sell Overpriced Housewares

From the Minneapolis Strib:

The Minnesota Twins have reached an agreement in principle on a 25-year partnership with Target Corp. that includes the right to name the team’s new ballpark Target Field, the team announced today.

The 40,000-seat stadium will open in the downtown Minneapolis Warehouse district in time for the Twins home opener in the spring of 2010.

 I suppose it could have been much worse: Best Buy Ballpark or 3M Stadium at Post-It Note Field or Hostess Twinkies Field or Ya Betcha Yard or Thrivent Stadium for Lutherans or Ball of America or The House that Boof Built. Yes, Target Field is far better than some possibilities.

But worse than others. I would have liked Grain Belt Grounds or Puckett’s Yard or maybe Hrbeck Prk. 

I can live with Target Field, and will for the next quarter century, good Lord willing. Heck, my family spends most of our disposable income at Super Target.

But I’m open to other ideas.


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