Proof of GOP Mac

Reader Deb V asked to see my box of commemorative RNC macaroni and cheese. So here it is. (Thumb not included)



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3 responses to “Proof of GOP Mac

  1. DV

    I’m assuming the macaroni shaped like little elephants…it’s kinda hard to tell, but that seems logical.

    Thanks for showing the box…I’m not sure why Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is associated with Republicans, unless it’s the cheap and filling factor…but hey…it’s a cool box…and if the GOP wins with Sarah on the ticket, maybe it will be a collectors item one day, and you can take it to Antiques Roadshow…..

  2. alicia

    I have one from 2004!

  3. Todd:

    Kraft’s custom Mac ‘n’ Cheese has become a tradition since 2000 for conventions. I still have mine from the 2000 convention…although I don’t think I would want to eat it now. I would say that this year’s box has a more feminine-looking elephant on the cover than the one in 2000.

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