5 GOP Breakfast Lessons

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — Here’s some of what I learned at breakfast with the Iowa RNC delegation this morning:

1. The Media is Bad — Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele says VP nominee Sarah Palin is being “kicked and belittled” by sexist journalists who don’t believe a woman can lead and raise a family and hunt moose.

“The American press should be ashamed of itself,” Steele told Iowa delgates, who responded with applause and a few amens. “Go on, y’all, keep messing with Sarah. She’s got a thing or two for you.”

Duly noted.

2. The best vice presidential nominee in history — The only thing that’s as puzzling and grating as the left’s demonizing of Sarah Plain is her canonization on the right. Everyone is losing their minds.

She’s a politician, folks, with strengths and flaws. Simmer down. In a week, this race will be about Obama and McCain.

3. McCain has a very good Day — If everybody in the country could hear Col. Bud Day, in person, describe his and McCain’s dark days as POWs, the Arizona senator might be 10 pts. up. Compelling stuff, even if you’ve heard it a few times.

4. John Bolton needs to relax — The former UN ambassador told Iowans how he took a break from his summer Alaskan cruise to talk with Sarah Palin about missile defense and Second Amendment issues. Fun.  

5. In Tennessee, it’s “fussin'” — Down south, you don’t hear people complain, but will hear people “fussin,’ according to U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee. She also said a McCain bumper sticker will improve your gas mileage. Maybe of you put it on a scooter.


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