Denver vs. Twin Cities

Having covered both the Democratic and Republican conventions, I’m uniquely positioned to compare and contrast these auspicious events. Here is a quick, irreverent and largely irrelevant rundown.

1. Denver — Iowa delegates are riding a mile high after getting front-row convention seats and hotel assignment in the center of all the action downtown.

Twin Cities — Republicans are not as high, riding on their 15-mile bus trip and shaving to squeeze into cramped floor seats.

2. Denver — $4 soda, overpriced nachos, hot dogs and Dippin’ Dots, ice cream of the future, on sale at the Pepsi Center to feed hungry delegates.

Twin Cities — Delegates report scarce food, pricey water. Forced to nibble on campaign buttons.

3. Denver — Big bone-in steaks served with fresh-ground pepper.

Twin Cities — Boneheaded protesters make a big mistake by breaking Macy’s windows, are served fresh pepper spray.

4. Denver — Iowa delegation breakfast features U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin and U.S. House members. Tough to make Harkin clam up when he gets rolling.

Twin Cities — U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley has yet to show up for breakfast after getting a curiously late invite.

5. Denver — Hotel fronted by trendy pedestrian mall jammed with people.

Twin Cities — Hotel next to I-494, jammed with cars.

6. Denver — The Colorado Rockies are allowed to play at home during the convention.

Twin Cities — The Minnesota Twins are forced out of town for the team’s longest road trip in decades, in the middle of a tight pennant race.

7. Denver — Hillary’s pantsuits

Twin Cities — Sarah’s go-go boots.

8. Denver — Fat Tire beer, green brewery good for the environment.

Twin Cities — Grain Belt beer, Minnesota brew good with walleye

9. Denver — Reporters’ welcome bag contains bike trail maps, fitness water.

Twin Cities — Reporters’ bag contains commemorative Republican macaroni and cheese.

10. Denver — Convention message: Republicans screwed up everything.

Twin Cities — Convention message: Democrats will screw up everything.



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4 responses to “Denver vs. Twin Cities

  1. I would be curious to see you elaborate on # 10 a bit. Did Republicans screw it up by trumping to hype? or What? And I think I get the second part.. but yeah.. elaborate 🙂

  2. Hildegrad

    I’ve never heard of Grassley to miss a free meal unless there were more substantial offerings elsewhere. Was he hanging out around the NH delegation, who surely get better digs and grub the the Iowa GOP delegates?

  3. tdorman

    The senator arrived here today. I expect to see him at breakfast tommorrow.

  4. Deb V

    Go-Go Boots?
    Clearly you are not a child of the 60’s (or 70’s). Those are SO not go-go boots.

    I wanna see the Mac n cheese…!

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