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Denver vs. Twin Cities

Having covered both the Democratic and Republican conventions, I’m uniquely positioned to compare and contrast these auspicious events. Here is a quick, irreverent and largely irrelevant rundown.

1. Denver — Iowa delegates are riding a mile high after getting front-row convention seats and hotel assignment in the center of all the action downtown.

Twin Cities — Republicans are not as high, riding on their 15-mile bus trip and shaving to squeeze into cramped floor seats.

2. Denver — $4 soda, overpriced nachos, hot dogs and Dippin’ Dots, ice cream of the future, on sale at the Pepsi Center to feed hungry delegates.

Twin Cities — Delegates report scarce food, pricey water. Forced to nibble on campaign buttons.

3. Denver — Big bone-in steaks served with fresh-ground pepper.

Twin Cities — Boneheaded protesters make a big mistake by breaking Macy’s windows, are served fresh pepper spray.

4. Denver — Iowa delegation breakfast features U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin and U.S. House members. Tough to make Harkin clam up when he gets rolling.

Twin Cities — U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley has yet to show up for breakfast after getting a curiously late invite.

5. Denver — Hotel fronted by trendy pedestrian mall jammed with people.

Twin Cities — Hotel next to I-494, jammed with cars.

6. Denver — The Colorado Rockies are allowed to play at home during the convention.

Twin Cities — The Minnesota Twins are forced out of town for the team’s longest road trip in decades, in the middle of a tight pennant race.

7. Denver — Hillary’s pantsuits

Twin Cities — Sarah’s go-go boots.

8. Denver — Fat Tire beer, green brewery good for the environment.

Twin Cities — Grain Belt beer, Minnesota brew good with walleye

9. Denver — Reporters’ welcome bag contains bike trail maps, fitness water.

Twin Cities — Reporters’ bag contains commemorative Republican macaroni and cheese.

10. Denver — Convention message: Republicans screwed up everything.

Twin Cities — Convention message: Democrats will screw up everything.



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