Greetings from Bloomington

I’ve arrived at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul,or, more exactly I’m at the La Quinta Inn in Bloomington, 15 miles away. This the headquarters for the Iowa delegation.

Monday’s convention schedule has been abbreviated, thanks to Hurricane Gustav. The convention will gavel in for just a few hours in the afternoon to take care of necessary business. No speeches, no politics. Officials will decide later what to do about Tuesday. Strange, subdued atmosphere so far.

The Iowa delegation is pressing on with its breakfast gathering Monday, featuring former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson. I’ll be live-blogging, technology permitting, so don’t miss it.

More than one Iowan has observed that although it’s clearly fitting to turn our attention and prayers toward the Gulf, we shouldn’t forget Iowa’s ongoing recovery. We’ll see if that sentiment becomes a theme here.


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One response to “Greetings from Bloomington

  1. DV

    So, Gustav went sideways, and nary a mention of Iowa floods…was that about the size of it?

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