Getaway Day

I’m still in Denver for a few hours, but I’m wearing a Minnesota Twins T-shirt, a sure sign that I and the rest of the political world will now turn our attention toward the Twin Cities and the Republicans.

Unfortunately, the Twins will still be in the middle of a season-crushing road trip when I get to St. Paul. But there will be plenty of politics to take my mind of my baseball disappointment. And anyway, I’m ready for some football.

But first, a few thoughts about last night.

I’m not going to dwell on the speech. Reams have been written. As acceptance speeches go, it was a great one. He hit all the right notes, told us some things he wants to do and hit McCain in several critical areas where the Arizona senator has been gaining ground. It was an impressive performance, which is Obama’strademark. He does rise to an occassion.

I know there was a lot of late hand-wringing about the colossal stadium setting feeding the notion of Obama as caesar, but to those of us who were there, it was pretty remarkable stagecraft. We’re Americans, we like big, over-the-top spectacles with fireworks and flags and blaring rock music and a screaming crowd. Not sure why Obama’s folks were so freaked out about that.

I understand how politics has a knack for making everything small, but once in a while it’s big, and there’s really nothing smarty pants observers like myself can say to belittle it. Sometimes you don’t have to think hard to figure out whether history is being made. Sometimes it’s obvious, even through layers of long-cultivated cynicism.

Anyway, I think Obama gets some sort of bounce out of this but probably not a lot. If he wins, it’s going to be close no matter what.

Now, McCain and thre Republicans get their turn, and I expect them to hit back hard. Evidently he’s picked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. More history. But I have to confess I don’t know much about her. CNN says she’s young, 44, has five kids and evidently conservatives like her. By the end of today we’ll know her shoe size and favorite color.

More on the GOP later. I’ve got a long drive this afternoon to think about St. Paul


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  1. Drew Miller

    Don’t say that about my twinkies.

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