Mold Wars — The Bureaucracy Strikes Out

Not Actual Size

Not Actual Size

Did anyone else almost spit out their coffee this morning upon reading that some families moved out of mold-tainted mobile homes will now get squeezed into smaller “park” trailers? Unbelieveable. We’re moving into fiasco territory, folks.

After Lt. Gov. Patty Judge directed FEMA to immediately remove 232 mold-bearing mobile homes, I thought it was an overreaction that would needlessly disrupt lives. Then, after Judge and FEMA explained their decision to us this week, I revised my assessment and assumed the issue was settled. But this morning, I’m back in the overreaction camp.

It’s a simple threat vs. consequences equation, in my view.

The health threat from some mold stains in an external water heater compartment is real, but, by all accounts, minor. And I just don’t buy the notion that health threat outweighs the consequences of moving displaced families yet again, and now making some of them live in Hot Wheels trailers.

Indiana chose remediation, a.k.a cleaning, rather than evacuation for its moldy trailers. So why did Iowa go overboard? It’s starting to look like the wrong call.

I mean, if kids in an Iowa public school get influenza, the state doesn’t close the school and evacuate students to another facility. The flu can be a serious illness, but the state doesn’t overreact. It gives the power to parents to decide whether or not they want to keep kids home. 

Why is this mobile home mess any different? The families should have had the final call.

Frankly, I’m spooked. This morning, I pulled a bag of hot dog buns out of our bread drawer, only to find abundant mold. No word on whether the Lt. Gov. will make us live in the back yard.



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5 responses to “Mold Wars — The Bureaucracy Strikes Out

  1. Deb V

    Moldy hot dog buns in your kitchen !?!?

    Get out now!

    The whole thing is asinine. Sorry, but there’s just no other word for it.

  2. Robert Caskey

    Instead of just bashing “bureaucracy” did you think of contacting anyone in Indiana this week to check on the outcome of their remediation decision. Strange, whenever the gov’t. does something you like, its all great, otherwise, its “bureaucracy”. But of course facts are often inconvenient and you might have to pick up the phone to verify your statements. Ah, what the heck, just rail against bureaucracy.

  3. tdorman

    FEMA in Indiana has not returned our phone calls seeking info.

  4. Rob

    I have never understood why we ship in several hundred mobile homes from out-of-state (AR) for millions of dollars. Surely, we already have many already available within this great state of ours that can be purchased for significantly less $$$. Besides, similar models of these homes are already being used and lived in by many others without any of the problems shown by these transplanted homes.

  5. Betty

    I disagree! The mold was identified as black mold and that type IS dangerous. Besides, news reports say FEMA knew about this before, as early as 2007. And in the older cases the mold spread to the other parts of the mobile homes. Shame on FEMA for not inspecting.

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