What’s Offending Us?







1. The New Yorker. What’s more offensive, this magazine cover, or the fact that a candidate who has put himself and his family through an 18-month meat grinder of a presidential campaign still has to prove he loves his country, or that the media treats the manufactured patriotism debate as a real story?

The cover, definitely.

2. Bud Light. How dare those Beligian ‘ferriners take over the King of Beers. Next thing you know they’ll start churning out a weak-tasting mass-produced barely recognizable facsimile of good beer.

3. Unsightly clusters of outdoor smokers. From The Des Moines Register:

Government efforts to push smokers out of public places have some Des Moines officials worried about the fallout from clusters of puffers on sidewalks and in parking lots.

“It’s going to force them out in areas where they’re more visible,” Des Moines City Manager Rick Clark said.

 Streets and sidewalks are not included in the bans, and City Councilwoman Christine Hensley said she is concerned the result could pose an image problem.

“It’s one of those issues we’ll have to deal with,” Hensley said. “Every time you make a decision on smoking, it pushes it someplace else.”

Clark said there are no plans to go after sidewalk smokers, but city officials will study the entire smoking issue.

People, on sidewalks? Horrors. They should be rounded up and bused to the nearest casino.



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6 responses to “What’s Offending Us?

  1. Eric

    It shouldn’t be offensive that after “18 months” Obama still has to prove himself when people who have spent 18 YEARS or more doing that never get the chance to be where he is right now.

  2. Deb V

    I’ll tell you what’s MOST offensive…
    non-stop yammering about the “brangelina” twins, and the OBSCENE notion that they will be paid MILLIONS of dollars for pictures of a couple babies.
    And yeah, I know, the money goes to charity. Big freakin deal. It’s still obscene that in this country people care more about seeing pictures of the offspring of movie stars than about thier country.
    No wonder America is mocked around the world.

  3. Eric

    I agree Deb, and worse is that a good portion of that money going to charity is likely to go to charity OVERSEAS.

  4. JimD

    It’s too bad the New Yorker didn’t draw Obama with a Newport Light in his other hand and maybe a few empty bottles of Stella Artois scattered about the floor. Man, that would have rounded out things nicely.

  5. Deb V

    Heheheh…Now THAT was funny Jim….

  6. Noel

    It’ll be interesting to see smokers huddling outdoors in January in subzero windchills.

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