Grub — Flying Wienie

The Flying Wienie

Sunday night I was lamenting to some flood-weary co-workers that I probably missed my chance to try the Flying Wienie, the iconic hot dog joint at the intersection of 8th Ave SW and 1st Street SW. You can’t miss it. It has a big, yellow airplane on the roof.

Judging by its address, I figured it was one more flooded business.

So when I heard Wednesday afternoon that, by some topographical miracle, the place was largely spared from flood damage and is open for business, I set out immediately. I didn’t really need to eat a second lunch, but flood miracles have been few and far between lately.

When I got there, I quickly found out that I wasn’t quick enough. Gazette reporter Stephen Schmidt was already inside, interviewing co-owner John Martin. Scooped.

Later, we found out that business editor George C. Ford had beaten both of us to the story. If there were bronze medals in journalism, I’d be wearing one.

Anyway, back to the Flying Wienie. I had an delicious, fully adorned Chicago dog with hot peppers and tomatoes and pickles and neon green relish and mustard etc. It came with the famous hand-cut fries I’d heard people brag about and they lived up to the hype. My second lunch was far better than my first, which was served from a drive-through window at a place that I will not McName.

The Flying Wienie itself is exactly what a hot dog joint should be, comfy. lived-in and, in this case, stuffed with airplane-related paraphernalia.

Although the FW survived to serve another dog, the neighborhood around it and the nearby businesses it depends on for customers were hit hard by the flood. So if we want the joint to keep thriving, we need to give Martin some business. Same goes with all the other local spots that are or will be opening in the coming weeks and months.

Maybe I’ll make the two-lunch day a habit.



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2 responses to “Grub — Flying Wienie

  1. DM

    I drove on C St SW and as I approached the flying wienie, I was sad to think it was gone.
    But it was open! I kept looking to make sure I was seeing the sign correctly. There were a couple of guys out front in tshirts that seemed to be from a clean up company, but it looked like they were just having lunch.

    So hooray the FW survived! What a weird twist of the river that saved it. Their gyros are great.

  2. Dot

    The day I read your Little Bo column, and cried as I drove slowly by the flood-ravaged building, I too was stunned to find out that the Flying Wienie had been spared! I love the Wiener Nazi’s food, and it was a thrill to find one favorite place open. Some of the people I’ve told, though, have expressed some doubt that FW only received an inch or two of back up, but no flood water … I’ll choose to believe in this one 6-inch, Chicago-style miracle.

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