Chrome Horse Rumors

Rumors that I and others have been hearing lately about the watery death of the Chrome Horse Saloon on 3rd Street SE have been greatly exaggerated, manager Mark Dukes declares on his blog:

There are ton of rumors going around about the Chrome Horse, most of them revolving around the fact the building is being bulldozed and we will be no longer in existence. One of the rumors started with an IDIOT on You Tube who took a comment that was made in jest and ran with it for all the world to see.

I know this from the Horse’s mouth (owners) – the Chrome Horse is not going anywhere. We will repair or rebuild, whatever it takes. That is the commitment. Anybody who tells you anything different doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

On Sunday, Dukes had another optimistic update:

We all want to re-open as soon as possible, but we are going to operate on one mantra – the Chrome Horse will be shinier and cleaner than it was ever before. Not until then will we open our doors again.

 Good to hear, and good luck with your comeback.


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