Checking In

As bad as it is, you still find people counting their blessings.

Take Bryan Moeller. He’s the guy I found last week hopefully mowing his lawn directly across the street from the Time Check levee. He moved into the neighborhood just a few days before the Cedar River turned it into a disaster area.

He got out with most of his belongings, thanks in large part to a group of guys who showed up out of nowhere to help him quickly load up his trailer. He told me he saw an aerial photo of his home in the last few days and it showed water rising to the second floor.

“I keep saying I’m better off than most,” said Moeller , who is staying at a friend’s place with his two dogs. Because he just bought the house, his lender required him to buy flood insurance, so he’d covered. He’s in no hurry to return, insisting he wants to stay out of the way while others with bigger problems make their way back to Time Check.

He did lose a belongings he stored in the top of his garage. But the most important stuff was saved.

“I did get the lawn mowers out,” he added, obviously hoping to do some mowing again. someday.



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