My Flooded Homeland

Tuesday Update — My dad did make the game, which Belmond won 5-2.

The head coach of the Belmond-Klemme girls softball team may or may not be on the field tonight when the Broncos square off against the Green Devils of Osage.

The coach is my father, as you might know, and he and my mother are stranded by flood waters south of Belmond in Wright County. North of my old home place, a creek that flows into the Iowa River has swollen and smothered the gravel road. To their south, the Iowa River has swamped both the gravel road and US Highway 69. Those are the only two routes out.

This sort of thing has happened before, with my father wading out or riding in a tractor or big truck to dry land. But he says this is the worst he’s ever seen it, so escape may not be possible for a while. As of midday, he hadn’t quite resigned himself to being flooded from the coach’s box.

US 69 is closed through Belmond and water from the Iowa River has actually reached the highway in town, which I never saw growing up there. In fact, I actually found a YouTube showing Belmond’s unusual flooding issues. Here it is, all 23 seconds worth, for any expatriates like myself wondering from afar.



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7 responses to “My Flooded Homeland

  1. David Sanders

    An interesting post. One doesn’t often read of Belmond or Wright County. Years ago, we lived in Rowan, just east of Hwy 69 on Hwy 3. If we went to the big city, it was a toss-up between Clarion and Belmond depending on what we were looking for.

  2. Drew Miller

    How’s Clarion? My friend Matt got bit by a dog there.

  3. Jody

    Didn’t get the YOUTUBE link. As an expatriate, I’d enjoy seeing it. I really enjoy your articles – especially when they are about Belmond. Did they win Monday night?

  4. tdorman

    They did win, 5-2. Haven’t talked to my parents today, so not sure if my dad made it to the game or not.

  5. david anders

    Your friend got bit by a dog in Clarion? Thats crazy!!!! I got knocked off a moped, riding double, doing about 30mph by a dog once. Now thats just wild.

  6. tdorman

    I fell off a moped once when someone shot a bottle rocket at me. Landed on a barbed wire fence. But with gas at $4, I still wish I had that 84′ blue Yamaha right now.

  7. Busick

    Yikes! Those bottle rockets can be dangerous! What kind of person would shoot a bottle rocket at another human being? What is this world coming to?

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