Go for the Gusto

Rich Lyle\'s Proud Colors

Reader Rich Lyle, who is among many great folks who told me how to quench my thirst for Grain Belt Premium around these parts, sent me this proud rendition of his tailgating flag. Rarely have I seen such pride and dedication on the part of a Schlitz aficionado, but I understand completely. It’s a great American brewing icon.

These colors won’t run. Belch, maybe, but there’s no shame in that.

Two thoughts occur to me. First, why has the word ‘gusto’ fallen out of favor? It’s fun to say, for one thing, and if there’s something this nation needs right now, it’s a tall, cold shot of gusto.

Second, why haven’t I designed my own tailgate flag? Now that I live 70 miles closer to Kinnick, I will have plenty of extra time to put together a much more elaborate spread. What could be better than to top it off than a boisterous banner of my own crafting?

If I ever get around to it, I will owe Rich and Schlitz much for the inspiration. And I will look for his flag as I march toward Kinnick next fall.



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2 responses to “Go for the Gusto

  1. Drew Miller

    This is one of my favorite calvin and hobbes of all time:


  2. You might even see an image or Rich Lyle if you search other posts of this blog. Billy’s dad worked at the Schlitz brewery. For more info:


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