Vocabulary Corner — High Gas Prices

Today’s $4 word, from the Urban Dictionary

STAYCATION — A vacation that is spent at one’s home enjoying all that home and one’s home environs have to offer.
Usage — “Even though I live and work in New York, I don’t always get to enjoy all it has to offer, what with my work commitments, but I sure did have an awesome time here during my spring staycation.”

So how many of you are cutting back on summer trips as the price of gas approahces the dreaded $4 per-gallon threshold? I’m not sweating it, yet, although I’m starting to get Prius envy. 

Vacation barriers are nothing new to me. Because my dad coached summer softball and taught summer driver’s ed, “staycations” were a way of life for me. We did take short weekend trips occasionally. And we did go to a kickin’ family reunion in Colorado Springs when I was 7. But there was none of that iconic, traditional loading of the family truckster to see the Grand Canyon or Disneyland. Sniff.

I did have acres of woods, a bike, a BB gun, bottle rockets and lots of time on my hands, so I was able to fill my time with all sorts of healthy activities. We even played pickup baseball games. Man, that must have been 200 years ago.

But until now, I had no nifty label for my tribe’s sedentary ways. Problem solved.



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