Pierogi Persecution

Let this be a cautionary tale for our local local pierogi peddlers, or any dancing kolaches.

From the St. Petersburg Times:

CLEARWATER – Goodness knows there are plenty of baddies roaming the streets of this city.

Drug dealers.



You name it.

But Clearwater is now safe from one brazen – or should we say braised? – outlaw.

Pierogi Guy.

Yes, it’s true. Officials have cracked down on the dancing dumpling who, until last week, waved a saute pan in front of the Pierogi Grill on Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard.

 The employer of Pierogi Guy, alias Frank Dippz, 25, had been admonished before.

Clearwater sign inspector Mary Jo Weaver said the city sent a warning on April 11 to Marek Pietryniak, president of Piramida Grill & Steak House, the restaurant’s owner.

As a human sign, Pierogi Guy violated the city’s sign code. Comply by April 18, the city warned, or be fined.

But the restaurant apparently thumbed a potholder hand at authorities, perhaps thinking the law had bigger dumplings to fry.

Weaver said officials continued to get calls about how Pierogi Guy beckoned traffic later in the evenings when inspectors – who are required to witness and take pictures of violations in order to cite someone – were off duty.

That changed May 3, when a sign inspector caught the 5-foot, 8-inch pasta bite while working a weekend shift. The business at 1535 Gulf-to-Bay Blvd. was then issued a citation for violating the “signs carried and waved on the public right of ways” ordinance. The restaurant has until June 26 to pay the $138 fine or contest it in Pinellas County Court.

 Someone really should start a pierogi defamation league, or maybe a dumpling defense fund.



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2 responses to “Pierogi Persecution

  1. You’re pulling my leg. This is from an episode of Reno 911, right?

  2. Steve Shepherd

    I saw in a guy in Chicago yesterday dressed like a hot dog. Very disturbing.

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