Auditor’s Race

Gazette county government beat writer Adam Belz wants your take on the hot Democratic primary race for Linn County auditor between incumbent Joel Miller and Lyle Hanson.

Go here right now to chime in.



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4 responses to “Auditor’s Race

  1. Steve Ironsides

    Is it time for a stroll down memory lane?

    20 Years Ago…

    New officers elected for the BHS Student Council are Todd Dorman, president; Pam Barkema, vice president; and Lisa Barkema, secretary/treasurer.

  2. Brent Oleson

    Joel Miller has been another breath of fresh air in county government. I am a registered Republican who supported his opponent in the special election, but I must say that Miller is following in the footsteps of Linda Langenberg, and I for one am pleased to see him run a fair office where he is completely accessible. I have a feeling the the county government types do not like Joel because he is fair and wouldn’t “go along” with that idiotic display regarding the Board of Supervisors reforms nor has he gotten on his knees for the three current members who tried to make a grab for power and duties of his office after Linda Langenberg left for Des Moines. I say kudos to Joel Miller, and while I can’t vote for him in the primary, I will pass my sentiments along to my wife in the hope she will vote for him in the Democratic primary.

  3. Sally Olsen

    When I vote for candidates, I look at their education and work experience, not at their volunteer work in party activities. Finance Commissioner for Cedar Rapids was not a partisan job. It was important for the commissioners to be
    non-partisan since they were working for the whole community. I value Lyle Hanson’s experience working in local government.
    The voters reelected him each time demonstrating their ongoing satisfaction with his service.

    Why did Joel Miller post Lyle Hanson’s driver’s license number on the internet on April 17? Everyone should be very careful about the information that they post on the internet. Public officials should be especially careful since they should know the details of the laws governing disclosure of information. I don’t understand why Joel Miller wasn’t sensitive to the possibility of enabling identity theft. How would Joel Miller would react if someone posted his personal information on the internet?

    I am glad that Lyle Hanson has a voting record. I would be concerned if he didn’t. There is nothing wrong with changing affiliation to participate in a primary. I think it is inappropriate to make any inference about any candidate based on primary participation. We have a secret ballot. You do not know who he voted for in the primary or in the general election. What does a voting record have to do with how well a candidate will perform a job if elected?

    It is nice for candidates to have web sites where voters can go to get information. I don’t understand why Joel Miller’s web site has a section devoted to “My Opponent”. And I think it is a bit “tacky” to request “facts” about his opponent. Lyle Hanson’s web site looks much more professional to me.

  4. Karen

    I’m having difficulty believing these comments are serious. I’m a lifelong resident of CR, my father served on City Council for many years (back when it actually did good things for the city), and have followed politics all my life. I know Lyle and I know he’s done good work whatever his position. He was on Council during the changeover from doing good work for the public to doing good work for special interests, and his was one of the few voices that objected. Often voted down, though.

    The politics of nitpicking whether petitions are correct to the letter, posting personal information on the internet, etc., are the kind of politics we are seeing defeated right now, and for the future, I sincerely hope! That behavior in itself is enough to give my vote to Hanson, even if I didn’t know his history!

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