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Awkward Moment

May 6, 2008

Level: Low (Actually, more odd and amusing than awkward)

Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal and House Speaker Pat Murphy stopped at The Gazette today to tout their legislative accomplishments. But before we dug into the meaty details of health care, the leaders shared dead pigeon anecdotes.

Apparently, the Statehouse’s resident nesting Peregrine Falcon catches and eats resident pigeons. As Murphy described it, the falcon snares a pigeon, pins it down by its wings and, well, lunch is served. Trouble is, the pigeon-stuffed falcon then leaves its less-than-appetizing meal remnants on an outdoor balcony just off the House chamber. The presence of these spent pigeons apparently have spoiled the speaker’s plans for a balcony lunch of his own. Understandable.

Gronstal said the falcon occasionally grabs pigeons outside his office window in a cloud of flying feathers. Watching such natural selection has become a pastime.

I was at a loss to comment on any of this. As Murphy described feeding falcons and pigeon peril, I thought about making a crack. “Sounds like budget negotiations,” I could have said. Instead, I just took it all in, and thought, you know, grilled chicken sounds good tonight.


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Fear and Voting in Indiana, North Carolina

Nobody really believes all that ridiculous “Obama is a Muslim” smear-mongering, right?

From the Chicago Tribune Swamp blog:

As Obama downed another hearty breakfast like the one he had a day earlier in Evansville, Obama noted that he has “lost about 7 or 8 pounds” during the campaign, according to a pool report of the stop. About 50 people were eating breakfast at the restaurant when Obama walked in.

One of his first table stops did not go well. As he approached a man sitting alone at a table, Obama was waved away. The man later told a Los Angeles Times reporter that he was not interested in meeting Obama.
“I can’t stand him,” he said. “He’s a Muslim. He’s not even pro-American as far as I’m concerned.”

From the Richmond, Ind., Palladium-Item:

Mary Bunger, a 44-year-old single mom from Abington, emerged from the town’s general store on Wednesday, the only place to purchase a snack in a 10-mile radius.
“I am definitely going to try to go with Hillary,” she said. “I almost feel like (Obama’s) the anti-Christ from the Middle East.”

Bunger reads news online about the election and has been “trying to talk everybody into voting, especially this year because I’m really scared for Obama to get it.”
Bunger worries about the Illinois senator’s ties to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose recent remarks and former association with the candidate made headlines the past couple months.

From the UK Telegraph, datelined Zebulon, NC:

Like lots of conservative white voters in rural parts of the South and Mid-West, many in Zebulon harboured doubts about Mr Obama. “He’s a Muslim,” said Mr Lipscomb. “The president of Iran’s a Muslim too and he wants to kill all the Jews. I’m not sure what this one here wants to do but if he’s elected there’ll be turmoil in this country.”

Meredith Marsh, 38, the wife of a truck driver, said: “I was for Obama but he doesn’t seem to be who he seemed to be in the beginning. A lot of things have come out. He just doesn’t seem very American to me.”
Oh well, at least they’re not bitter.


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