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Top 5 Monday — Weekend Highlights

5. Road trip — Spent Saturday and part of Sunday at my parents’ house. Sunday was a beautiful day for a drive, except for the US 20 speed trap in Grundy County. That’s $102 I now won’t be using the stimulate the American economy. 

4.  The Kentucky Derby — My wife and I coaxed our horse-loving 6-year-old to watch her first Kentucky Derby on Saturday. Everything was great, until the end. Luckily, she didn’t know what “euthanize” meant, and frankly, I didn’t have the heart to fill her in. Hey, let’s turn it to Noggin.

3. Grain Belt — On an up note, we finished our first locally purchased 12-pack of Grain Belt while gardening Sunday. I bought it at Benz Beverage Depot for a very reasonable price. Thanks to all the kind readers who guided my search, and I will be visiting other suggested establishments soon. Grain Belt is everywhere, I now realize.

It’s also worth noting that once I found Grain Belt, the Twins cracked off five straight wins and climbed into first place. Coincidence? Not a chance.

2. Tomatoes — Eight plants have been purchased and will be planted this week, unless some experts out there have objections.  Expectations are high for our first true vegetable garden after living with an overly shady yard in Ames for six years.

1. The Headliners –The newsrooom softball team overcame a shaky first inning for a dramatic come-from-behind victory over the Slip n’ Sliders. The big hit was delievered by Jacob Kopp, who smashed an inside-the-park grand slam that put the Sliders away. 

This reporter was 1-4 at the plate after the criminally generous scoring decision gave me a hit for a misplayed pop fly in the fourth inning. I myself misplayed a pop fly in the first.  Karma.


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