Fan Mail Friday

Pretty light week, mail-wise.

My Sunday column offering praise for New Bohemia revitalization efforts along Third Street southeast of downtown drew criticism from reader William H. Dahlsten. I saw a neighborhood with potential, like Des Moines’ once dead, now thriving East Village. Dahlsten, instead, sees a taxpayer-funded, flood-threatened “New Sudetenland.”

If you pay them, they will come. If you pay them, their wealth will make entrepenuers cater to their tastes. Why is it my problem that local employers are unwilling to pay what it takes to recruit the top 3% out of graduate schools.

It is bad enough that time clockers like yours truly are being taxed for a yuppie playground. What makes it go from larceny to lunacy is taxation for development on a flood plain…

…I hope I live long enough to see the big one. With the water over the ice bar in the Chrome Horse, the Peace Center and all those BMWs will be washed into the big river below Wapello.

Glad I drive a beat up Honda.

I did get a few phone calls on my second column addressing prime time TV viewers who complain about interruptions caused by tornado warnings. I said the warnings, even if they’re annoying, are necessary and part of the Midwestern landscape. Live with it.

Most folks disagreed with me. But Jean Vopalka of Belle Plaine took my side.

Vopalka said when warnings pop up for her area, family members gather around the TV to watch the weather and talk. They also get phone calls from friends and relatives in Cedar Rapids and elsewhere, asking if they’re all right.

“It’s more of a family thing than we have all week long,” Vopalka said in a voice mail message. “There’s not that much good on television that we’re worried about missing.”

Twister togetherness. How can anyone complain about that?




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5 responses to “Fan Mail Friday

  1. red33,cedar rapids, ia

    Our family members really enjoy your columns in the Gazette. Keep them coming.

  2. Investor

    Don’t hate the rich people; they keep you employed. Given the newspaper demographic; it’s us stuffy employers and advertisers that keep this mundane newspaper going.
    And, using someone from Belle Plaine, IA as a reference to support your case, seriously?… that’s the same town that has nothing better to do than register every pet in town.
    I expect more from you Todd!

    -Your Biggest Fan

  3. Steve

    Dahlsten has a point, but on that note, and not neccessarily to point a finger at anything in general, how is it the new federal courthouse, whenever it happens, ended up in that same flood plain? The feds have specific requirements that buildings they put up not be in such a place, which is good thinking, so how is it that it will be exactly where “the big one” might take place?
    As to what is likely to happen in the New Bohemia District, well if it does go away through a natural disaster, it would appear that would be cheaper than the expense of tearing it down. You have to realize not much is left downtown today that was there a hundred years ago anyway, so it usually doesn’t take a natural flood to flush out the old and replace with new. With the price of gas and where it is going, I doubt the BMW’s going down river will even be a problem.

  4. Jimmy

    Is there anyway you can change the pic of you on the GazetteOnline homepage??
    I mean really…..I think we’ve all seen the ‘Hair-pulling-out’ picture from enough other people. I think you are above that.

  5. jackattack

    How you are “above” pulling your hair out I don’t understand. I think it’s a fitting picture.

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