Awkward (Parenting) Moment

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Awkwardness level: Moderate

Last night, my wife and I were catching a few moments of TV while the children played and bedtime approached. We heard out youngest daughter yell the word “sticky” repeatedly in a tone that suggested distress. Upon investigation, we found that she had rifled through our kitchen junk drawer, found an old tube of super glue and glued her hands together.

Luckily, the mishap was detected quickly enough that no other extremities were involved. The glue was reasonably easy to clean off with nail polish remover. All was well.

Still, a good reminder that vigilance is a key ingredient in childrearing — even when “Saturday Night Live, The Best of Alec Baldwin” is on.


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One response to “Awkward (Parenting) Moment

  1. You and Alec should compete for some sort of parenting award.

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