Gov. Rants?

House Minority Leader Christopher Rants, R-Sioux City, stopped by this morning to give his take on the 2008 legislative session. In response to a question, he said he’s thinking about running for governor in 2010. But he insists that’s not big news.

“Sure. I’d be stupid not to think about it,” said Rants, who served as House speaker until Democrats took over last year. “Anyone who’s sat in my chair couldn’t help but think about it, especially with what this guy’s doing.”

Rants kicked around the idea of running for guv in previous election years but declined to jump in. If he gets re-elected this fall, he’ll have served in the House for nearly 18 years by the 2010 election. He may be thinking up or out.

Rants is smart and infinitely quotable, but the skills it takes to be a legislative leader — cracking heads, playing politics, cutting deals — don’t necessarily make you an attractive statewide candidate. Republican U.S. Reps. Steve King and Tom Latham might be interested, although the GOP may think twice before it nominates another member of Congress.

Rants joked that the Gov. Chet Culver’s recent travels make the job even more attractive.

“Vacations in Florida and a trip to The Master’s, sign me up,” said Rants, a golf fanatic.



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7 responses to “Gov. Rants?

  1. DJ

    Plus “the hardest working Governor in America” is poised to sign off on a pay raise. Why wouldn’t Rants run…

  2. Actually, from Ray to the present day, all of our governors have been pretty quiet types. It might be nice, for once to see “Iowa Governor Rants” in a headline, even if it is only a play on words.

  3. Doug

    Sweet…xdpaul…I am in awe of that one. 🙂 *bowing*

  4. Seth

    I welcome Rants to run for Governor, but only if the crazy Steve King doesn’t.

    Either would be a lot of fun to beat, but beating King would certainly take the cake.

  5. george

    DJ, Are you suggesting that Rants would work for less? How much less.? If he is elected he should have to pay the citizens. GWB ran on low taxes and personal responsibility. How’d that work out? Oops , he forgot to mention back breaking debt and an economic depression. Just like when Ronnie and big W held office. I remember, the phrase about it being the economy stupid. I also remember bailing out the savings and loan debacle starring one of W’s brothers. How many times you guys gonna get fooled by these clowns talking low taxes? The big guys got the huge tax breaks and then the little guy taxpayers bailed them out. Just like is happening now. Does Rants or King strike you like the kinda guy youd like to have a beer with. Worked for W.

  6. Steve

    I have become so disenchanted by politcal candidates and what they say, I am often reminded of what we were told about the Communist Party all those many years ago in grade school. ” Elections, yes the Communists have elections, but all the candidates are from the Communist Party, so there really are no elections.” How is the governors race any different? We have people clammering to stop the hog factories, yet both sides continue to support them in the face of all the public outcry. We have a global crisis over global warming, yet it seems both parties want more coal fired plants in Iowa. We have a world food crisis, but both sides continue to push for making fuel for cars out of food grains, and helping the likes of Monsanto create a strangle hold on the seed business. Tell me again, who is running that is different from what we already got?

  7. Mr. Pickles

    If Rants became Governor I would move out of Iowa permanently. He is an ultra conservative idiot and should be beaten publicly with a stick.

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