Fan Mail Friday

It was a light week for mail, and what I did get was mostly slamming or praising me for defending Barack Obama’s infamous “bitter” comments. I argued that his crime was telling the truth. Others disagreed.

Among them was Gary, who did not give his full name:

I read your puff piece this morning in the Gazette……Then I read it again. I was trying to decide if you are that liberal or that naive? I decided on liberal as you chose to support Obama’s elitist comments about the majority of the American people with your comment about “truth.” You apparently fit into the crowd of not being able to discern “the difference between reasons that sound good and good sound reasoning,” let alone the truth. I would acknowledge the quote but it is anonymous.

The unspoken message in Obama’s myth-making campaign and his speech is that he doesn’t trust us because we don’t think like him and he’s so much smarter than we are. Nothing in his campaign convinces me that he has any policies to improve the situation except to take more of our money for his pet projects. Frankly, Hillary Clinton, has less to offer than Obama because she is not able to sugar coat her hope and change campaign as well as he has.

 More commentors agreed with Obama, including Scott Swartzendruber:

In many ways from what I am experiencing in small town living is, that Barack is closer to the truth than you realize. In many small towns, people may not be bitter, but they are certainly hurt. Hurt over the fact that their young people leave right after high school…never to return again. Hurt over the fact that people drive 20-30 miles to shop at Wal-Mart, etc. thus not supporting the local stores in their small town.
Hurt over the fact that people drive 20-30 miles to the bigger churches in bigger cities, thus making it difficult for the local churches to survive.

Yes, Barack is more right than you realize! People in small towns are hurting and feel as though their communities are dying and struggling to stay in business.

Doug Beard from Springville also agreed with my take:

You performed a service for this old, (mostly) liberal guy in your April 15 column. I have read Obama’s words, the ones you quote, over and over to try to figure out what is wrong with them. I even felt a little ashamed because I could not. Then you, a self-confessed moderate, tell me that what he said is true – facts that an awful lot of people just can’t face. Thank you.


I also received a dispatch late last week from my lovely and alert friend O Kay Henderson over at Radio Iowa informing me of the Louisiana’s great “state drink” debate.

From Wonkette:

Louisiana state senators have been hard at work recently drafting legislation to honor the Sazerac – a drink containing “whiskey, sugar, bitters and absinthe, or a substitute anise-flavored liquor” – as the official state cocktail. New Orleans is in such great shape, see, that they can spend their time writing all sorts of fun legislation celebrating drinks!

But alas, teetotaling senators shot down the Sazerac 27-8. What would Iowa’s state drink be? Maybe an ethanol gimlet.



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One response to “Fan Mail Friday

  1. Sounds like the senators didn’t want to get within a hundred feet of the word “bitters” for some reason this week.

    [I would have to mention that there is a huge difference between calling midwesterners “bitter” and/or “hurting” and ascribing behavior (being religious, owning property) to them as “coping mechanisms.”

    We don’t pray to God because people are leaving our towns. We just believe in God. We don’t shoot stuff because we are bitter. We shoot stuff because shooting stuff is really fun.

    My candidate Obama’s sin wasn’t acknowledging some form of suffering in the Midwest, but stereotyping deeply held convictions as emotional crutches to compensate for that suffering.

    Anyone who doesn’t see it as a gaffe is drinking the kool-aid. I don’t think (and certainly don’t hope) that it was a campaign sinker, but it was a dunderheaded political move. John Edwards identified the suffering of Midwesterners a thousand times over, and he never identified guns and religion as a symptom of that suffering.

    So Obama didn’t get nailed for telling the truth. He got nailed for making a specious analogy (one that he may very well believe.)

    Clinton’s got nothing to crow about of course. She’s too busy dodging sniper fire.

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